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A law practice with an emphasis on
"Family Law" in Cass, Jackson and
Johnson Counties, Missouri
So, you are "surfing the web" looking for information and trying to decide if you need a "Family Law"
lawyer to help you with a divorce, a motion to modify the divorce decree already entered, get or
collect child support, have custody/visitation issues or adopt. I posted this website to help you evaluate
your options. Perhaps, you have already looked at the Missouri Court Administrator's Website to
gather information. Perhaps, you believe you can not afford a lawyer. You are wrong. You can.
Perhaps, you believe you don't need a lawyer because you believe it is just a question of filling out
forms. You are wrong, again. However, if you wish to proceed,
pro se, (represent yourself), click on
the Court Administrators Website and download the forms. The site has the forms and a great deal of
information to help you represent yourself.

May I share an observation? There is a reason lawyers go to Law School for three years and have to
pass a Bar Exam, to practice law. It isn't to learn how to fill out forms. Click on one of the below
buttons to get more information about the listed areas of "Family Law".
Disclaimer: Reading this website is not intended to, and does not, create an attorney/client relationship.
"The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be made on the basis of advertising alone."
You want a divorce or you have been served Divorce papers?
You want to modify an existing court order?
You want to get or increase child support, or feel you are paying
too much child support?
You are not being allowed to visit with your grandchild(ren)?
You want to relocate, or move out of State?
You have a child out of wedlock and you want child support or
want to see your child?